2019 Has Been a Wonderful Year For SMO!

Single Mothers Outreach partnered with…

Princess Cruises, Hardcore Fitness and the Santa Clarita community for the 2018 holiday season and we were able to provide 450 single mothers and their children with holiday gifts. The event was a huge success, and it was a great ending to 2018. 2019 has been an incredible year for SMO! We have settled nicely into our new office on Apple St. and the single mothers that we serve have continued to receive the much-needed services. SMO is partners with the social work department at California State University Northridge for many years now and, also, we are partnered with the social work department at Brandman University. Through our partnerships with the colleges, SMO can now provide individual therapy year-round to both single mothers and their children.

Along with case management and mental health services, SMO members have access to essential donations and programs that will assist them as they work to move their family forward. These programs include SMO’s Mother’s Day brunch, where single mothers are able to sit down and enjoy and brunch, that is 100% donated by the community. Topics such as self-worth and resiliency are discussed during the brunch while their kids are in another room enjoying other activities. Another beneficial program is our back to school event where children receive a backpack and supplies. This year SMO was able to give 130 children free backpacks and supplies with the goal of supporting them in having a successful school year. It’s been a stellar year at SMO and we hope to continue to provide programs and services that will empower and support single mothers as they face the challenges of raising their children as a single parent.

Brandman University: SMO is now partnered with the Department of Social Work at Brandman University. Because of this partnership, SMO is able to provide case management and mental health services during the summer months. Interns that are completing their graduate studies are tasked to intern at  SMO under the strict supervision of an experienced social worker in order to provide case management and mental health services to the single mothers that we serve.
California State University, Northridge (CSUN): SMO has successfully partnered with the Department of Social Work at CSUN for a decade now and through that partnership, we are able to provide field placements for their social work graduate students during the academic year. As interns, they can provide case management and mental health services under strict supervision from an experienced social worker.