SMO provides training programs to facilitate low-income parents find employment...

stopping financial free-falls, gaining emotional stability and attaining the life skills necessary to raise their families alone.

Programs include:
● Individual & Group Therapy - SMO provides counseling services for single parents and children in an effort to relieve emotional distress and mental health problems

  • Money Management - helps single parents increase their employability, manage their money, expand their emergency savings, decrease their debt, and make career choices that will strengthen their financial futures. The financial program uses a validated, internationally known training protocol that is taught in a formal, 9-week format in English and Spanish. Developed to create participant accountability for program adherence and completion, participants learn about topics such as the importance of saving for emergencies; budgeting; bargain shopping; getting out of debt; understanding investments, insurance, collection practices, credit bureaus and mortgages; the need for retirement and college planning; and other financial matters.
  • Career and Technology Center - offers computer-training to help parents gain marketable skills to compete for in the job market. Offered in partnership with College of the Canyons and The WorkSource Center, participants are trained in all fundamental office software programs and are provided with career assessment seminars, resume-building services, tips for effective interviews, job fair preparation, and donated professional clothing for job interviews.
  • Life Skills Workshops - uses professionals in specific fields to teach classes on topics including personal finance, healthy relationships, career development, education, family law, and health and wellness. These workshops are provided monthly through direct service provision or through community partnerships with Santa Clarita Valley’s Zonta Life-Forward Workshops and College of the Canyons Career Services Department.

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