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Your donation will help SMO to create new programs and services that will help single-parent families grow and thrive.


Connect With Others

SMO connects single parents to vital community resources. SMO helps to provide emergency stabilization for families who are in real danger of losing everything.

Grow With Support

SMO provides training programs to help facilitate low-income parents getting jobs, stopping a financial free-fall, and attaining the life skills necessary to raise their families alone.

Inspire With Encouragement

SMO provides a variety of rewards to families who are on a path to independence. SMO also gives incentives to parents who need encouragement to move forward.



Parenting is too important a responsibility to bear alone, yet all too often single mothers are forced to do just that. Because we believe that effective parenting leads to successful, well-adjusted children, Single Mothers Outreach scaffolds families facing sudden housing instability, income loss, emotional trauma, and social deterioration as the result of divorce, abandonment, or widowhood.

With a mission to “empower single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources so families can become self-sustaining and thrive,” Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) directly helps single parents find jobs, get educated, secure housing, stabilize their children’s emotional states, manage their finances, and help one another.


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This Year’s Theme: Survivor

Empowering Hearts is an annual event that helps raise funds for programs and services offered at Single Mothers Outreach to empower Santa Clarita’s impoverished single-parent families.

Proceeds from sponsorships ticket sales silent auction and retail sales from Closet on Main are all essential to supporting our programs that enable single parents to care for their families effectively. Empowering HeArts bridges the worlds of social action and artistic expression by pairing inspirational women and artists of Santa Clarita to create art forms that depict the moving stories of amazing women.

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Our 2021 Empowering HeArts Sponsors




SMO provided the tools for me to take control of my money and helped change my family legacy. I have found purpose and a passion helping other single parents learn to take control of their finances. Thank you!

A Single Mothers Outreach Mom -

I now have a support system in place. There are people I can call who will help me with car maintenance or whatever my needs  may be. I’m not alone.

A Single Mothers Outreach Mom -