Empowering HeArts 2024

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February 23, 2024
Sand Canyon Country Club

Empowering HeArts Gala is Single Mothers Outreach’s signature fundraising event that began in 2009 in a conversation between the Executive Director and a Photographer. Together they imagined an event that would provide a place and space for stories of empowered women to be shared in a highly visible way through word and art.

The funds raised support programs for single-parent families so they can continue benefiting from resources and services such as food, clothing, therapy, money management classes, emergency housing, and more.

The Gala presents the creative works of Santa Clarita Valley artists who create unique art forms inspired by these real-life stories. The art is juried, and a grand prize is awarded for the most compelling visual story.

It is our hope that by sharing these powerful stories through word and art, these extraordinary parents will impact and inspire others to rise above their own challenging circumstances.

Empowering HeArts culminates in a gala and art exhibit showcasing artwork created for the event. The gala introduces the art collection to the public and two prizes are awarded:

Dottie Award: Named for Dorothy Smith. The recipient is chosen by the jury for creating the most compelling visual story.

People’s Choice Award: The recipient is chosen by Gala attendees.