Executive Director

SMO Team
Yorleni Sapp

 Brings a passion for serving, believing all people have the right to live with dignity.

Email Yorleni at [email protected] To learn more about Yorleni please click here.

SMO Staff

SMO Team Roxana Topete

Director of Program and Services
Email Roxana Topete at [email protected]
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Roxana please click here.

SMO Team
Director of Operations
Email Luz Garcia at  [email protected]
SMO Team Amy Saphr
Amy Saphr -  Clinical Supervisor
Email Amy Sphr at [email protected]
SMO Team
Jessenia Arroyo
Spanish Coordinator

Email Jessenia Arroyo at [email protected]

SMO Team Marcia Rosales

Closet on Main Manager
Email Rosalina Tenorio at [email protected]

SMO Team

Financial Training Coach
Email Kristin Drucker at [email protected]
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Bachelor and Master level interns from
CSUN and Brandman

SMO Team Volunteers

SMO Volunteers
To inquire about becoming a volunteer email SMO at [email protected]

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