SMO connects single parents to vital and critical social service resources.

SMO provides emergency stabilization for families who are in real danger of losing everything. Case management will provide initial intake assessments to make sure as many needs are met as quickly as possible. Case management by experienced staff guides the agency’s ability to provide advocacy and resources on an individualized and personal basis. Single parents show up at SMO’s doors with varied and unique needs. Case management meets them where they are.

With the aspiration of helping single parents move towards their goal of self-sufficiency. Emergency stabilization also provides participants with targeted resources that are catered to each individual. Resources are researched and catered to each family.

Every care plan is uniquely tailored to each family’s needs. SMO also connects parents to parents through SMO’s SCV Support Group, classes, and group therapy. Connecting single parents to each other is also a great resource. Single parents frequently experience community isolation. Parents are empowered when they connect with other parents for resource sharing, support, encouragement, friendship, and networking.

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