Single parenting is very challenging. SMO provides a variety of incentives and rewards for families who are on a path toward self-reliance.

Mother’s Day Event - Mother’s Day usually arrives with flowers, breakfasts and gifts aimed to celebrate that special mother in our lives. For some mothers, however, it’s just another day and often a painful memory. Although these women love their children as much as other mothers, most single mothers do not receive the same show of appreciation.

Each year, Single Mothers Outreach honors the mothers in the program with a wonderful brunch, flowers, chocolates and gifts.

  • Adopt-a-Family - Hard working single parents are provided a way to make a warm and wonderful holiday memory with their children. Local churches, community groups, neighbors and individuals “adopt” SMO parents and their children and provide them with gifts, ice-skating, parties, and more.
  • Holiday Celebrations - Thanksgiving baskets, Easter’s baskets, Halloween costumes, among others.
  • SMO also offers a variety of programs for children including therapy and celebrations.


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