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Are You a Single Parent in Need of Help?

Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) offers FREE services to support single parents in the SCV area. ​

Become a member of SMO, at no cost, connect with others and participate in our programs.

Who is Eligible?

SMO has three main requirements in order to become a member. They are:

Be a single parent.
Be a resident of the greater Santa Clarita Valley
Have at least one child under the age of 18. Single parents with kids over the
age of 18 may still qualify if their son/daughter is enrolled in college.

We do not discriminate based upon disability, religion, race, color, national origin, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

How We Help

We serve through a variety of Programs and Services based on four main areas of work: Mental Health | Education | Workforce Development | Housing Stability


SMO connects single parents to vital and critical social service resources

Program and Services Connect
SMO provides emergency stabilization for families who are in real danger of losing everything. Case management will provide initial intake assessments to make sure as many needs are met as quickly as possible. Case management by experienced staff guides the agency’s ability to provide advocacy and resources on an individualized and personal basis. Single parents show up at SMO’s doors with varied and unique needs. Case management meets them where they are.

With the aspiration of helping single parents move towards their goal of self-sufficiency. Emergency stabilization also provides participants with targeted resources that are catered to each individual. Resources are researched and catered to each family. They receive resources in a variety of areas such as childcare, food, clothing, legal aid, housing, and financial assistance.

Every care plan is uniquely tailored to each family’s needs. SMO also connects parents to parents through SMO’s SCV Support Group, classes, and group therapy. Connecting single parents to each other is also a great resource. Single parents frequently experience community isolation. Parents are empowered when they connect with other parents for resource sharing, support, encouragement, friendship, and networking.


SMO provides single parents with meaningful donations that will assist them to care for their families.

Program and Services Assist
SMO provides families with donated food, emergency housing resources, clothing and accessories, free backpacks filled with school supplies, and a vast array of items donated from the Santa Clarita community. SMO also partners with Baby2Baby to receive diapers, wipes, formula, toiletries, clothing, and other necessities monthly.
Moms and children are also benefited from our Shop the Closet Program. Families have access to Closet on Main’s boutique to shop for free on a monthly basis. The organization provides hotel vouchers and rent assistance to struggling single parents, thanks to the support from the City of Santa Clarita and generous foundations.


SMO provides single parents with meaningful donations that will assist them to care for their families.

Program and Services grow

Individual & Group Therapy – SMO provides counseling services for single parents and children in an effort to relieve emotional distress and mental health problems.

Money Management – helps single parents increase their employability, manage their money, expand their emergency savings, decrease their debt, and make career choices that will strengthen their financial futures. The financial program uses a validated, internationally known training protocol that is taught in a formal, 9-week format in English and Spanish. Developed to create participant accountability for program adherence and completion, participants learn about topics such as the importance of saving for emergencies; budgeting; bargain shopping; getting out of debt; understanding investments, insurance,

collection practices, credit bureaus and mortgages; the need for retirement and college planning; and other financial matters.

Career and Technology Center – offers computer-training to help parents gain marketable skills to compete for in the job market. Offered in partnership with College of the Canyons and The WorkSource Center, participants are trained in all fundamental office software programs and are provided with career assessment seminars, resume-building services, tips for effective interviews, job fair preparation, and donated professional clothing for job interviews.

Life Skills Workshops – uses professionals in specific fields to teach classes on topics including personal finance, healthy relationships, career development, education, family law, and health and wellness. These workshops are provided monthly through direct service provision or through community partnerships with Santa Clarita Valley’s Zonta Life-Forward Workshops and College of the Canyons Career Services Department


Single parenting is very challenging.

Program and Services Inspire

SMO provides a variety of incentives and rewards for families who are on a path toward self-reliance.

Mother’s Day Event – Mother’s Day usually arrives with flowers, breakfasts and gifts aimed to celebrate that special mother in our lives. For some mothers, however, it’s just another day and often a painful memory. Although these women love their children as much as other mothers, most single mothers do not receive the same show of appreciation. Each year, Single Mothers Outreach honors the mothers in the program with a wonderful brunch, flowers, chocolates and gifts.

Adopt-a-Family – Hard working single parents are provided a way to make a warm and wonderful holiday memory with their children. Local churches, community groups, neighbors and individuals “adopt” SMO parents and their children and provide them with gifts, ice-skating, parties, and more.

Holiday Celebrations – Thanksgiving baskets, Easter’s baskets, Halloween costumes, among others.

SMO also offers a variety of programs for children including therapy and celebrations.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “This non-profit organization is a great group with a great cause. I have been a member for going on two years now. And with out them I do not know if I could of done it, being a single parent. Truly blessed to be involved with them”

    Jessica R. Newhall, CA
  • “This is an amazing organization. Their programs are designed to truly help their clients succeed. Their fundraiser Empowering HeArts was beautiful, and the money goes towards these programs. I highly recommend this organization to single parents, and to people who are looking for a place to donate their time/money.”

    Tracy H. Valencia, CA
  • “They help you a lot love the classes they give and the financial class how to budget your money and all the help they give you there so nice and kind”

    Carmen Jeanette Mendoza Navarro