Social distancing doesn’t mean a lack of connection. 

As the situation surrounding COVID 19 continues to evolve, we’ll stay in touch to keep connected. In times of uncertainty, we all need to keep working together and live in constant assessment and adjustments.
We want to thank you for walking along with us as we try to keep the organization going, deliver services, and continue supporting our families. It is time to keep thinking of others and show our real value, and it only comes when we fully and authentically show up to have an impact on others. 
We are trying to create road maps for uncharted and shifting territory, and we are trying to do it compassionately. We have to make heart-wrenching decisions concerning cutting hours and postponing events. We see the disruption, fear, and anxiety in others, and we are trying our best to stabilize things. 
Our services continue as the mission we serve remains during the crisis. Non-profits exist because of the crisis. We stand and work for all those who need us. 

  • We have mobilized services virtually.
  • We maintain close communication among staff, families and the board of directors
  • We are providing support to moms via phone and email to limit social interaction except for donations days. 
  • All SMO classes are online (FPU, She is worthy, etc.) 
  • Therapy is now online
  • Group support is now online 
  • Workshops (anxiety, self-care, kids’ activities) are online
  • As a referral agency we continue offering resources, now virtually (financial, mental services, activities for children, among others)
  • We keep offering donations. We are giving away home goods from World Vision, cleaning, and paper supplies collected by the community. We are also distributing food, diapers, formula, and wipes.
  • COM remains closed. A photo gallery is being uploaded on the website as we invite the community to buy Gift Cards. We received thousands of dollars in new inventory, including beautiful high-end purses and shoes. Hopefully, this will generate some revenue to compensate for the closing of the store. 
  • We are proactively seeking funding, tapping into some emergency relief opportunities, applying for loans for small businesses, and calling on the generosity of our community never to stop pursuing the fulfillment of our mission. 

We continue to help remotely because staying apart will keep us together!