Martha Aguilera: Her Courageous Story
Single Mothers Outreach Is Proud To Announce The 2017 Collection:
Courageous – Strength In The Face Of Pain Or Grief

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Martha Aguilera

If courage is strength in the face of pain and grief, local businesswoman and longtime community volunteer Martha Aguilera teaches by example on a daily basis. Martha first found her strength as a young girl, overcoming an abusive childhood, abandonment and homelessness only to be left to find her way as a single, teenage mother. After rallying the courage to take bold risks with little support, Martha has built a beautiful life from the ground up. A mother of three, she is the founder and owner of Koklita’s Cakes and More, and today, she pays her good fortune forward by working with foster children and disadvantaged youth, as well as by providing a Thanksgiving for hundreds of families who otherwise would have gathered at an empty table.

By Kirsten Quinn | Martha Aguilera photo is courtesy of SchlickArt