She Needs You And Me: We believe parenting is one of the most important roles human beings perform in life.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy and patience to grow children into thriving, independent adults. It is difficult enough with two parents, but what happens when a parent is forced to bear the weight of responsibility alone due to death, divorce, or abandonment of a spouse or partner?

Enter Single Mothers Outreach.
We help parents bear the responsibilities by understanding first what they need. Sometimes we are simply a cheerleader, encouraging her to persevere; other times we act as trusted counselors who will dispense “tough love” to those who would like to hide from their challenges. Mostly we dispense compassion and understanding of the difficult role they must play as solo parents.
We recently  learned that “Maria”  had started and stopped our financial training program…twice…because the round trip bus cost for her four children and her had become prohibitive. SMO will purchase the necessary passes so this challenge is removed and she can receive the transforming education she needs.
Enter Single Mothers Outreach.
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We know that when Maria is empowered to better manage her money, she will teach her children too, setting them all on a path toward financial freedom.
Would you consider sponsoring the cost of this class for a family like Maria’s for $250? Or would you like to sponsor a mom to take a computer class for $100, or could you sponsor a year’s services for an entire family for $500?
We hope to raise $75,000 for this and the other vital programs that SMO provides.
Please help us remove the barriers that block single parents from guiding their children to thriving, independent adult lives. SMO. We strengthen communities by strengthening families.
Please view a short video with Martin Rodriguez, Board Chair for Single Mothers Outreach
Parenting is too important a responsibility to bear alone, yet all too often single mothers and fathers are forced to do just that. Because we believe that effective parenting leads to successful, well-adjusted children, Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) scaffolds families facing sudden housing instability, income loss, emotional trauma, and social deterioration as the result of divorce, abandonment, or widowhood.  With a mission to “empower single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources so that families can become self-sustaining and thrive,” SMO directly helps single parents find jobs, get educated, secure housing, stabilize their children’s emotional states, manage their finances, and help one another. #SMO #Persevere #SingleParentsCanThrive