Kristin has been a single mom since her daughter was a year old. Both mother and daughter have faced immense challenges, and are both poised to help others to overcome life’s challenges. As a single mom, Kristin knew the most important job she would ever do was raising her daughter and that she had to be intentional. She educated herself in parenting skills that she later shared with other single parents at her church and at Single Mothers Outreach.

In 2008, Kristin started SMO’s first FPU class and since that time has helped more than 170 single parents pay off more than $163,000 in non-mortgage debt and save more than $148,000. She is also providing one-on-one help to parents struggling to make sense of their financial challenges. Kristin has a passion for helping parents teach their children how to handle money. With the help of her daughter, she implemented a program that teaches these concepts as part of SMO’s FPU childcare and in 2015 launched a new class at SMO to equip parents to teach their kids about money and character.