Our Team

Executive Director

Yorleni Sapp is passionate about work with meaning. She brings to the job a passion for serving individuals believing all people have the right to live with dignity.

She grew up in a developing country (Costa Rica), which shaped her personal values and beliefs. Her life experiences, along with living in different countries, created a strong desire within her to be part of something bigger than herself. She is fascinated by the diversity and being sensitive to all cultures. Growing up in a home with both parents deeply involved in nonprofit work, she understands firsthand the impact and the rewarding experience of giving back and affecting change. She has chosen to respond by being in a field where she can play an active part in developing solutions on behalf of social issues.

Executive Director of Single Mothers Outreach serving the Santa Clarita area since May 2016. Yorleni is a graduate of UACA-Universidad Autónoma de Centro America, where she received a License in Law. She also attended Georgetown University and Costa Rica University, where she received a BA in Political Science.

Yorleni practiced law in Costa Rica with a specialization in family services. A new opportunity in California began her journey with a non-profit organization. Here she expanded her expertise in program development and community services. Her life and work experience has prepared her to lead Single Mothers Outreach. She looks forward to further growth and development as the organization serves the community.

She is married to her loving husband, Matt. In their spare time, they enjoy walks with Bella their beautiful golden retriever.

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Intern Supervisor
Maria Clemens, SMO's Intern Supervisor, is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who has over a decade of experience in the mental health field and in the nonprofit sector. Maria has been affiliated with SMO for over 7 years. She is passionate and dedicated to the mission of Single Mothers Outreach and loves the population that we serve.


Program Director
Stephanie feels rewarded to have the experience of working with youth, and families. She is extremely dedicated to giving back to the community and believes in pursuing growth opportunities so that her work ethic and passion can have a lasting impact. She has a bachelor's degree from California State University, Northridge, and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Social Work. Stephanie's goal has always been to work alongside mothers and being part of SMO is a dream come true. She feels happy to be a part of an amazing organization.



Administrative Assistant
Stephanie loves working for a change.
Being the daughter of a single mother she has seen the direct impact of what an organization like single mothers outreach can do. Her dream has always been to give back to her community and make a lasting impact. Because of the help, her family received from SMO she began volunteering and fell in love with everything about the organization. She hopes to continue growing with & being a part of Single Mothers Outreach.



Closet on Main Manager
Luz started at SMO as a member in 2013 when she became widowed. She is a single parent of six kids and bilingual in Spanish and English. Because of the help, she has received from SMO she wants to give back and began to volunteer at Closet on Main and later being hired as Co-Manager.

"I am blessed and honored to be part of such an amazing organization. I love my job!"

Financial Training Coach
Kristin has been a single mom since her daughter was a year old. Both mother and daughter have faced immense challenges, and are both poised to help others to overcome life’s challenges. As a single mom, Kristin knew the most important job she would ever do was raising her daughter and that she had to be intentional. She educated herself in parenting skills that she later shared with other single parents at her church and at Single Mothers Outreach.
In 2008, Kristin started SMO’s first FPU class and since that time has helped more than 170 single parents pay off more than $163,000 in non-mortgage debt and save more than $148,000. She is also providing one-on-one help to parents struggling to make sense of their financial challenges. Kristin has a passion for helping parents teach their children how to handle money. With the help of her daughter, she implemented a program that teaches these concepts as part of SMO’s FPU childcare and in 2015 launched a new class at SMO to equip parents to teach their kids about money and character.

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