Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program

Adopt-A-Family SMO Protocol 2020

Due to COVID-19 regulations, all the guidelines will be strictly enforced. All persons planning to participate must comply with the requirements. We are, at our core as human beings, called to connect face to face. We are providing most of our programs remotely, but we know some activities require physical presence. We support the journey of many single moms to create empowerment and independence. At SMO we continue to help families to face adversity through providing hope. We have decided to offer the AAF program with a PICKUP CARDS ONLY event and we need the cooperation of both donors and participants to make it successful.

Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program

AAF Program

  • Donors will have the opportunity to donate restricted funds to be utilized towards the purchase of a $50 gift card for moms and children.
  • Donors can choose family size. SMO families range from 2 (mom & a child) to 5 (mom & 4 children). Choose the family size you want to adopt, and we will send you the family’s thank you card. Our families have been advised that gift cards will be limited to a maximum of $50 per family member, so keep that in mind when determining what size family, you wish to adopt.
  • Please help us to make families feel equally served.
  • Each family will be identified by a unique number.
  • Cash donations (check, cash) MUST be turned into the SMO office by November 20th. You can also donate via our website at Please specify you are adopting a family.
  • Any donation received after 5:00 pm on November 20th is not guaranteed that will be used towards the purchasing of gift cards.
Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program

Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program

Adopt-A-Family is a program where local businesses or people from the community generously adopt a family for the holidays. Towards the end of the year, members who have an active membership at Single Mothers Outreach with participation in the organization qualify to receive gifts during the holiday season for themselves and their kids.

Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program

AAF Event

  • Cards will be distributed the second week of December.
  • All persons planning to participate must comply with safety and health official regulation:
    • Practice Social Distancing.
    • Mask will be required at all times.

For more information please feel free to contact our main office at (661) 288-0117, or our Program Director Stephanie Montoya at

Thank you in advance for your support to SMO and the families we serve! We appreciate your cooperation.

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