Nicole Feast-Williams: Her Courageous Story
Single Mothers Outreach Is Proud To Announce The 2017 Collection:
Courageous – Strength In The Face Of Pain Or Grief

Nicole Feast-Williams Empowering Hearts Honorees

Nicole Feast-Williams

When Nicole Feast Williams was 11 years old, a family friend turned her seemingly perfect childhood upside down. Terrified to unload her secret, Nicole carried her sexual abuse alone, dropping to 78 pounds and emotionally withdrawing from everyone until she finally confided in her grandfather and later her parents. Though she regained physical strength, emotional strength was a hard-fought battle. Today, Nicole is a working mom and dedicated volunteer, focusing her efforts on the fight against sex trafficking. Handed an incredible amount of pain, today Nicole decides to choose change over hurt, and courage over fear.

What is Empowering Hearts?

Each year, the Single Mothers Outreach Board of Directors and Empowering Hearts Events Planning Committee has the pleasure of selecting six exemplar women to honor whose life stories embodies the current  year’s Empowering Hearts theme. These women are chosen from a pool of nominations that friends, family, and colleagues submit.
Empowering Hearts is an annual celebration of women who have changed lives and shaped their communities. It bridges the worlds of social action and artistic expression in an annual arts competition.
Honorees are nominated by the community and selected by the Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) Board of Directors and Event Planning Committee.
It is SMOs hope that through sharing these powerful stories in word and art, these extraordinary women will impact and inspire others to rise above their own circumstances.
Empowering Hearts is SMO’s signature fundraising event. All proceeds from  the event are used to support programs that empower single parents to effectively care for their families.
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By Kirsten Quinn | Nicole Feast-Williams photo is courtesy of SchlickArt