She Doesn’t Need Financial Assistance: Cultivating Independent Single Mothers
Since 2008 we’ve graduated almost 140 single parents from our financial training program.

It is the most empowering program we currently offer. We give mothers the vital tools they need to become self-sufficient. They may take the 10 week class as many times as they want at no additional charge. Here are some of the statistics from this program:
79% Completion Rate
139 Students Graduated to date
$132,649 – The Total Debt reduced to date
Average Debt reduced per student = $1,053
$139,407 – The Total Saved to date
Average Saved per student = $1,106
98% of Students say they can “Better Manage Their Money” after the class
We’ve also learned that if a single mom takes the class twice, she is more successful in implementing the necessary changes to become financially independent. More and more single parents choose this path. Consider this:
Jeny took the class twice…in the next 2 1/2 years she paid off more than $30,000 in non mortgage debt, and twelve months later saved an additional $10,000 so she could return to college, paying cash for her education.
One two-time graduate wrote this note of appreciation: “I completed FPU three times (almost) and worked with Kristen and Janelle in order to understand my situation and take control of it. I have accepted a job with the Department of Defense, bridging my military and teaching careers. Yes, SMO is the reason for my success. Without the guidance, determination, and empowering activities, who knows where this veteran would be today.