Tracy Hauser’s Perseverance Story


Persevering Tracy Hauser: Whether she was born with it, or developed it out of necessity, Tracy Hauser has the grit it takes to persevere through life’s trials and tribulations. A married woman at 20, Hauser did her best to be a supportive wife and provide her family with a loving home, free of conflict. She didn’t realize that her husband’s growing alcohol consumption was leading to illegal drug use, episodes of volatile behavior, and disregard for his family’s life–but it did all of that and more. His health deteriorated and he lost his job. Hauser and the couple’s three children fell victim to his substance abuse and addictions.

Through it all, she persevered, keeping her children healthy and preparing herself to earn enough money to support them. The challenge of dealing with her husband’s self-deception and lies to her, while focusing on her own self-improvement gave Hauser a new level of clarity. Resolved to no longer live in denial and shame, she considered taking the next big step: moving out and separating the children from their father. She found the strength to do both.
Personal responsibility has always resonated deeply with Hauser. After more than a decade of marriage, she now found herself a single parent of three. She worked hard to earn real estate and broker’s licenses, and enjoyed helping clients through their life transitions. She bartered for babysitting, worked long hours, and met mortgage payments while managing to put food on the table. Hauser was fortunate to find responsible and experienced business partners, since real estate work often requires attention seven days a week.
After the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the real estate market plummeted and Hauser returned to the austerity budget she had adhered to when first becoming a single mother., Hauser’s spiritual beliefs helped her recognize life’s obstacles as signals to tread carefully in all endeavors, and let God’s grace be one’s guide. In 1993 Hauser married Lloyd, a neighbor who’d known her children, and she jokes that it was her kids that brought him into her life.
A strong believer in community service, Hauser is grateful for the SCV Senior Center, whose support group for non-professional caregivers helped her when she was caring for her mother. She and her team volunteer for Single Mothers Outreach because they believe in providing single parents a “hand up rather than a hand out.” She encourages single parents to remember that they always have choices about how to live their lives, and, that past mistakes can be corrected. “Be clear about who you are,” she says, “find your voice and stay true to yourself.”