A Heart Full Of Thanksgiving: In this season of giving thanks, we wanted to share a note we recently received from one of our alumna.

A year and a half ago, I was scrambling with a newborn to get off to a job that would secure my future – one that I had been trying to achieve for ten years!  I never believed I was good enough. 
I completed FPU three times and worked with Kristin and Janelle in order to understand my situation and take control of it while handling the extreme disappointments, lack of support and guidance, and abuse.  Each week I shared with them a personal goal I had moved toward or shared a struggle with the amazing women who stepped up to the plate to change their lives.  
After the second class with Kristin and unending support from SMO, I enrolled in my doctorate program.  Darlene motivated me to apply for a scholarship.  Even though I did not win, it was so amazing to remember what it felt like to have someone believe in my efforts and vision.   I am still working on my doctorate slowly… and will be focusing my dissertation on single mothers in the workforce.  
I am now on my last few hours here in Santa Clarita!  I have accepted a job with the Department of Defense, bridging my military and teaching careers.  
Yes, SMO is the reason for my success.  Without the guidance, determination, and empowering activities, who knows where this veteran would be today.  Thank you for opening up the doors to a brighter future. 

We are thankful for “the village” of people who strive with us to help single parents live a better story.

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